Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Healthy Lunch

L.I- W.A.L.T .... write a recount using descriptive languages.
Sucess Criteria: I know I can this when I can use descriptive words in my story.

Yeah!! free lunch two weeks ago at school. Master chefs , learner chefs and doctors went to our class.
They gave us some healthy lunch. We take a photo and they talked about the food. then it was time to eat. In my lunch I have a sandwich with crunchy celery ,delicious  cucumber, yummy chicken and tasty mayonnaise. Next their were savoury dumplings and inside it their were some carrots, tomatoes and onions. Thirdly I have a chocolate dip cookie. the chocolate was hard so I let the chocolate melt a little. Lastly we said goodbye to are visators and I wish too see them again.

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