Monday, 4 July 2016

The Three Pigs

L.I- W.A.L.T. - write a narrative story.
Success Criteria- I can do this when I write a narrative story.

Once upon a time there were three little pigs  that lived with their mother. One day, their mum said to them, ''You three need to find new jobs for money to buy food for dinner''. The three little pigs went to the town to find jobs .

The first pig was not able to find a job yet and he wanted to give up. The middle sized pig saw a sign that said, "Wanted Grocery Store Helper".  He quickly applied for the job but a fox called Jack was hired for it instead.  The third pig went to a restaurant and heard that a chef just got fired from his boss at that restaurant. Then he saw Mr.Sheep  applying for that job. The third pig went to Mr. Sheep and explained to him that he really, really, really needed the job so he can earn money for his family. But Mr.Sheep said, "may the best man win for the job. Good luck to both of us!"

The next day they both went from a interview their boss decided that the third pig will get the job.The third pig was so happy he have a job. Later that day he went home and tolled about his first day at work his mother was so proud of him and he has money to buy dinner. So the third pig and his family happy at there home happily ever after.

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  1. Kia ora Anamaria,
    I like the descriptive language that you have used in your narrative about the three little pigs. I also like the way that you have grouped your ideas.
    I also like the story of the three little pigs.