Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Moana is an awesome movie!

During my holiday I went to a sleepover at my friend's house and we're going to watch Moana and Sing!

My friends are Simon, Zyan and Zion. Simon brothers and sisters went with us. First we went to Sylvia park Hoyts. 

Then we watch Sing. The Sing movie was very funny. My favourite character was the hedgehog. 

Next we went to eat at Nandos. I ate fried chicken and French fries. It taste so delicious.

After that we went to watch Moana. Moana is Hay-wain girl. We ate lots of snacks during the movie. We ate chocolates, coke, chips and popcorn.

After the movie we went home and sleep. My favourite part of the day was eating Nandos because the food was very yummy. 

Learning Intention: I am learning to understand and use descriptive language in my writing.
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I use adjectives to describe my sleepover at my friend's house.

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