Tuesday, 23 May 2017

My mum enjoyed Mother's Day!

Yeah ,It’s Mother’s Day!

On Mother’s Day, it was a very sunny morning and I had breakfast with my family, mum, dad and Justin. We ate fried rice, scrambled eggs and Japanese chicken. It was very delicious and scrumptious. During our breakfast we watched some Filipino reality and game shows.We watched The Voice Teens of the Philippines and I can do That.

After we had breakfast, I played Roblox. It’s an online website with lots of games. I played pokemon brick bronze. I played a lot of popular games. I love pokemon because it is animated.

Soon after that, we all dressed up, we dressed up to get ready for church and to go and grab a bite at Nandos. I wore a red panda dress and a blue jacket. My brother Justin weared some jeans, a shirt and a jacket.

When we got to Nando’s, I ordered barbeque chicken and fries. My Parents and Justin ordered grilled chicken and fried rice.We also ordered a Fanta and a Coke.The chicken was so delicious and the skin was so crunchy. My parents said that the rice was really yummy. The fries were so mouth watering. I dipped my chicken with tomato sauce and that added even more flavours to the chicken.

Soon we were on our way to St Mark’s Church. It is situated in Pakuranga and next to KFC. I prayed , sang and listened to the gospel. I saw a lot of Filipino people there.

After church was finished, we went to The Warehouse and my mum bought clothes for herself and me as well. She also bought school uniforms for Justin.I also bought cartoon DVDs so Justin and I can watch it on my television.

Then after that we went to Pak’n Save and I bought Justin and I our school lunch. My mum bought everything else that we needed for the house.

After that, we went home. My mum enjoyed Mother’s Day because she laughed a lot and gave us lots of hugs. My favourite part was when we ate Nandos because the food was so yummy and delicious!

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