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SLJ Wk 2 Day 3: Women's Rights

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Activity 1: The Right to Vote [4 points]

Kate Sheppard was a very famous and important New Zealander. In the late 1800s, she fought for women to have the right to vote in elections. She did this by creating petitions (lists with the names of people who supported her), running public meetings, writing letters to the newspaper, and talking to politicians.

As a result of her hard work, women in New Zealand (NZ) were first granted the right to vote in 1893. This made NZ the first country in the world to give women the right to vote. We call this right ‘women’s suffrage’.

In honour of Kate Sheppard’s work, the NZ government has put her image on the current $10 note.

Image Attribution: Kate Sheppard, William Sidney Smith, Public Domain

For this activity, let’s imagine that the government decides to create a new $10 bank note and replace Kate with a picture of a different New Zealand woman.

On your blog, tell us who you think the government should put on the new $10 note. Please provide us with a picture of this amazing woman and a short explanation of why you have selected her as Kate Sheppard’s replacement.

*Remember to attribute any images that you borrow from the internet or from other people.

*Please check out the Eye-Catching Blog Posts page for ideas!

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Once upon a time inside a mountain forest, there was once a little girl named Hailey, long wavy hair covered with a royal blue hood that’s almost fading its colour, she is a really timid girl who's almost scared of everything. She wore a torn out cape under it is a silky white dress that has several dirt stains on it. She was walking around the forest, looking really afraid of how the forest looked really dull and frightening, she’s intimidated by it. She noticed a path leading to a mysterious place, she was unsure of herself as she asks herself in her mind, “should I follow this path or not?”. As she decides to step on the path, foot by foot and continuously walk along the path. During her little stroll on the path and spotted an enormous cave that was as daunting as ever. She immediately felt really scared, thinking about running away but Hailey felt really attentive and wanted to investigate what’s inside the cave. She stepped into the cave slowly as she recognizes a great gigantic beast, a snow dragon. Its scaly skin glimmers as a sparkling diamond, it was sleeping calmly, looking as gentle. It slowly awoken from its slumber and roared as loudly as a lion, Hailey was petrified she almost wanted to burst into tears but she felt a strange feeling as it makes her feel less frightened. She calmly relaxed for a bit, inhaling and exhaling really loudly, she slowly laid her hand on the dragon’s skin, stroking its skin gentilly at a time. As Hailey petted the dragon endlessly ended being night time already, she felt a little drowsy. The snow dragon deliberately went back to its sleep following Hailey slowly slept on the dragon. The next morning Hailey woke up, feeling a good mood, as she noticed the dragon wasn’t here and seeing her back in the mountain forest. Her good mood turned into the opposite of it. She asked herself, “Where did the dragon went?” “Was it only a dream?”. As she strolled around the forest, nowhere to go, she spotted a tiny piece of skin on the ground, She reminds her of the dragon, glittery and scaly, sparkling like diamonds. She kept on looking everywhere but  the snow dragon was unable to be found. 

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Activity 2: The Right to an Education [4 points]

Malala Yousafzai is a woman who was born and raised in Pakistan. In 2012, she was shot and wounded when traveling home on the bus from school. At the time, girls (and women) living in Pakistan were not encouraged, or even allowed, to go to school. It is widely believed that Malala was attacked because she (and her father) did not agree with this idea and they felt that women had the right to an education.

Once Malala recovered from her injuries she continued to advocate (fight) for the rights of all women to receive an education. For this work, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 - the youngest person to ever receive this prestigious prize. You can read more of her story here.

As well as giving speeches in front of many very important and influential people, Malala has written books about her own life. She has also written a book for children called Malala’s Magic Pencil.

For this activity, we would like you like you to write a short story. The story can be about anything that you wish but to receive full points it must be at least 10 sentences long!

On your blog, share your short story. We can’t wait to read it

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Activity 3: Belle of the Ball [6 points]

Emma Watson is a movie star who started acting in films when she was just nine years old. You might recognise her as Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter films or ‘Belle’ from the Disney adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.

When Emma is not acting, she spends a lot of time giving speeches and advocating for the rights of women and girls. In 2014 she launched the HeForShe campaign which encourages men and boys to actively support women and girls by speaking out about gender equality - the idea that males (men) and females (women) have the same rights. Emma is also an avid reader who started her own worldwide book club!

Let’s imagine that Emma has just emailed you and asked for your help. She needs a recommendation for a great book for her book club. She also needs you to prepare a short review of the book to share with her readers.

For this activity, choose a book that you like and write a short review of it. In the review, tell us what the book is about and what you like about it.

On your blog, share your book review with a photo or illustration (drawing) of the book.


  1. Hi Anamaria!
    My name is Daniel and I am part of the Summer Learning Journey program. Well done on completing these three activities - it is clear to see that you put a lot of hard work in this post.

    I definitely agree that is one woman should replace Kate Sheppard on the $10 note, it should be Jacinda Ardern. I also think that she has done a great job so far as New Zealand's Prime Minister. Your review on the book is great! I think that a lot of people would enjoy reading Silent Love.

    Keep up the amazing work Anamaria!

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  2. Great collective postings Anamaria - which one did you enjoy the most? Jacinda Ardern is a popular choice for change on the $10.00 note in the SLJ. Keep blogging, and commenting on others, to increase your chance of winning one of the awesome prizes and to keep up your learning over the school break!