Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Heroic Brother

Something negative had just begun this delightful morning.

As Bridger woke up from his unpleasant slumber, he remembered his terrifying nightmare, ruining his mood during this fine morning. He gradually opened the window to feel the gentle wind, white elegant flowers swished in the soothing breeze, birds swiftly drifted through the sky squawking and chirping. He feels relaxed after the wonderful view but he had no clue of what was coming.

He came downstairs as breakfast was about to be served on the dining table. His lovely mother had prepared it. Bridger was told by his mother to call his little sister. Sprinting up the stairs, he yelled out to his little sister, “breakfast is ready!” and went back downstairs. He began eating before waiting for the others, forgetting what happened earlier. His parents and little sister joined him to eat breakfast. Finishing his meal, he raced to the front door, deciding to play outside. His sister followed him, wanting to join in any fun.

They were on the driveway, panting from giggling too much while playing a game of tag when suddenly they heard a horrifying growl....

The blood dripped on his face, his vision started to become blurry as his headaches uncontrollably. He sees blood everywhere on the ground and becomes traumatised but isn’t able to express it...he is becoming too drowsy. Bridger’s mother starts to tear up at the sight of him on the ground, blood running all over him. His father stands right next to her, feeling the same way, trying to comfort his mother but she continues to cry. Sirens are ringing as his mind starts hurting too much. The emergency medical technicians quickly carry Bridger to the stretcher as his little sister looks on confused. Bridger can’t take it anymore and falls asleep, unconscious.

As he opened his eyes slowly, an unfamiliar voice yelled “he’s awake!” Bridger notices he’s in the ER. He sees his parents beside him and notices they are crying but are pleased he’s awake. His little sister is delighted and hugs him gently in  glee. He realizes what had happened and knows he has done something heroic especially for his delighted sister that he loves so much.  

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