Friday, 15 May 2015

Mother's Day

On Mother’s Day Justin, my baby brother, and I gave our mum a present.  I gave her a Mother’s Day card that I had made at school.  My baby brother gave her a flower.  She said, “Wow”, and she kissed and hugged us.

For breakfast we had eggs and spam.  After breakfast dad went out.  Then dad came back.  He had bought some flowers for mum!!

Then we went to church.  We sang Tagalog songs.  After church we had a special Mother’s Day lunch.  We ate a cake, pizza and chips.  It was yummy.  Later we went home.  We had a fantastic day.

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  1. Hi Anamaria,
    Your mum sounded like she enjoyed her Mother's Day. I liked that you used punctuation. Hope we can publish something before lunch today.