Thursday, 11 June 2015

Thank you Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit thank you for my family and my friends.  This weekend I spent time with my family and my friends.  On the weekend I played outside with my brother and my three friends.  My brother is called Justin.  I don’t know the name of my friends.  They are from the Philippines, just like me.  Our parents are friends too.

Later Justin and I played near the car park.  We played fake fire.  We practised our fire safety drill.  We got down, we got low and we got out of the building.  This was a practise so it was pretend, but we know what to do to stay safe.

After that my friends came to my house with their families.  We played the game of listening to the sound.  You had to listen carefully to the noise and try to catch the person who is making the noise.  It is a good game and we all had fun.  Then our visitors took a rest before they went home.  They live a long way away from us.

Next my family and I went to the garage because my dad had to get something.  After that we went to the Syliva Park shopping mall.  At the mall we went shopping and we had ice cream.  Then we went to Pac and Save to get my lunches for school.  After that we went to Countdown and my brother and I bought four DVDs.  We got two DVD’s each.  Then we went home and watched one of Justin’s DVDs.  The DVD was called “One, Two, Three”.  It was a cool story.  This was the best day ever.  Thank you Holy Spirit for a cool day.

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