Thursday, 15 October 2015

During The Holidays

During The Holidays

During the holidays my family and I went to a concert.  My family and I dressed in our best clothes.  We all looked nice.   

At the concert there were a lot of people.  There was nice food and water to drink.  Some people were selling a Filipino TV set.  It had a lot of channels. 

Inside the concert I saw my older friend.  Her name is Madel.  She was with her dad.  Her mum is in the Philippines because her mum is sick. 

The show began.  While we watched, my brother and I ate chocolate, bread and some chips. 
First we watched a video of Mega world. 
I saw a person with a microphone.  He read out the names of people who work at a Filipino TV station. 

Next we saw a kid get up on the stage.  He was 11 years old.  He was going to sing.  After he sang the stage man asked him if he liked playing minecraft.  The kid replied, “Yes!”  After that a man sang the song ‘I believe I can fly’.  He was good at singing and so was the kid.

 We saw the celebrity man.  When he went on stage the audience screamed and cheered.  Later we watched him act like he was in a movie.  He was very clever and he was good at making jokes.  We all laughed at his jokes.

Finally, when the show was over, we went home.  It was a fantastic day.

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