Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Reyana The Butterfly by Anamaria

L.I.- W.A.L.T -write a narrative story about a tiny creatures .       
  Success Criteria- I know I can do this when I wrote a story about a butterfly. 
                       Reyana The Butterfly  

   Reyana the butterfly live at Butterfly world . She had lots of friends but there is one butterfly who is not her friend . 

Her name is Diana . She is evil and do bad things. She always bullied other butterflies even Reyana.  Reyana  played with her friends while Diana make ugly faces. Reyana told her friends to hide away from Diana.Then she went to Diana and said '' I don't like the way you bullied me ''. I want to be your friend.

 So they went to the park to play, sing, and dance. Reyana likes to sing, while Diana likes to dance. They enjoyed and have fun together. Finally they become good friends forever.

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