Saturday, 21 December 2019

SLJ Wk 1 Day 5 Act 3: Own Choice (6 points)

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Activity 3: Own Choice [6 points]

You have now made it to the end of Week 1 and have the chance to choose your very own sportsperson or explorer who you think has changed the world. There are no right or wrong choices for this activity, so find someone who interests you and tell us about them on your blog. It could be someone from your family, church, community or someone famous who you admire.

Here are some starting points in case you get stuck:

Jessica Watson

Tanielu Tele’a

Sachin Tendulkar

Ann Bancroft

Kelly Slater


Laura Dekker

For this activity, please choose one person (a changemaker) and read all about them.

On your blog, provide us with:

The name of the person
A description of the work they do/have done
An explanation of how they/their work has had an impact on the lives of others
*Remember to attribute any images that you borrow from the internet or from other people.

*Please check out the Eye-Catching Blog Posts page for ideas!


  1. Kia ora Anamaria!

    Wonderful explanation you have written of Ann Bancroft! Has Ann Bancroft impacted you in any way?

    Great job!
    - Riiana

  2. Kia Ora Anamaria,

    Well done for creating an informative DLO about Ann Bancroft. The foundation was originally set up to help women on polar expeditions. Do you think you would ever want to go on a polar expedition? I would love to go on an expedition to Anataratica and see all the wildlife down there including penguins!

    As it is the holiday period many of the Summer Learning Journey team are currently away from work and are spending some time with their friends and family. This means that you would get many encouraging comments over this time. We want you to keep blogging and we will comment on as many of your posts as we can when everyone is back at work!

    Keep the blogging up!

    Blog ya later,