Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Making Slogans To Encourage People To Wash Their Hands

In my slogan, I made it nice but sweet because slogans are made in short sentences so that people can remember it. Using the key benefit to your slogan is also important because people would know what your advertising for so "Stop Those Germs, Just Keep Washin' It" means keep washing your hands to prevent from having germs especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. I want to excourage people to stay safe & hygenic so that the wide-spreading crisis would lessen up a bit. Remember to stay safe! 


  1. Anamaria, you have captured the essential message in a few words and eye catching visuals. Readers would see that by washing hands, germs will be kept away.

  2. Check out the Baked Potato song Anamari, its been a huge hit in the UK....