Monday, 1 August 2016

Duffy Theather by Anamaria

L.I- We are learning to write  recount using correct punctuations.
Success Criteria : I know I can do this when I write a recount about Duffy Theather show using correct punctuations.

What a super amazing show! I just watched Duffy show. The actors were really awesome and they were very funny. They made us laugh through out the show. 
I really love the part when Duffy travelled  to the past using the time machine to save Ruby 's dad.

I like it when Duffy saw how he would look in the future and then became a ninja, and when he bowed it was hilarious.

 When he arrived in Greece, war is coming and he needed to find Ruby's dad before he got shot. Duffy saw Ruby's dad running towards him, yelling ''get out of here'' , but Duffy said ''no'' he needed to save him. All of a sudden someone shot Ruby's dad, but a woman  took him to a safe place. Duffy save him that day ! 
It was a super awesome show! I really love Duffy theather and I wish I can watch another one again.

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