Tuesday, 16 August 2016

why is seatbelt is important ?

L.I- We are learning to write an explanation using correct conjunctions.
Success Criteria - I know I can do this when I write an explanation about why is seat belt important?

1. Seat belt is important because it keeps us stay in our seat and protects us from injuries in case of car accident. 

2. Seat belt is important because in New Zealand it is illegal not to wear a seat belt anytime and anywhere when travelling.

3.Seat belt is important because if you forgot to wear a seat belt and you got caught by the police you have to pay a fine.

4. Seat belt is important s
o remember to buckle up for your safety and the safety of other people or travellers on the road.

5. Drunk driver must wear a seat belt in case they might lose control of the car and crashed with another car and will 
die or get injured.

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