Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Why are Olympics games important ?

L.I- We are learning to write an explanation why is Olympics game are important.
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Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I write an explanation about the importance of the Olympics in full sentence with correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Olympics games are important because in every Olympic sport you  competed in, you can received a medal if you won the sporting event. The best three athletes can receive gold, silver and bronze.

 Olympic games are important because if you win, people in your country will be proud of you! You can celebrate victory if you won a medal.

 Olympic sports are important because the last Olympic torch bearer  will ignite the Olympic flames to signal the opening of the games. Torch bearers are important because if the cauldron is not lit, the game will not start.

 Olympic games are important because the winners become the best of the best athletes in their chosen sports and the whole world will know about it. During Olympic games many countries come together to compete in a friendly and fair competition.

 Athletes are important because if there are
 no athletes, no one will play and win a medal and there will be no Olympics to happen.

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