Wednesday, 14 March 2018

During My Weekend! By Nicole

My buddy blogger Nicole visited room 8 and this is her recount about her weekend at the playground.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

🚴🚴Riding bikes on the Panmure Basin!🚴🚴

It was a very hot day, My dad, Rc, Justin and I went to the Panmure Basin to bike and to walk. Justin and I brought our bikes with us.

When we arrived we started biking and running around the basin. As we were biking I realised that there was a sign on the ground that says 1 kilometre and that means I know how far we’re going.
Then we saw a playground but Justin and I didn’t want to play on it. After that we saw a pond. I asked my dad if it was a duck pond but he wasn’t sure if it was a duck pond.

Then we saw another playground but it was smaller than the one we saw before.

After that we went up to a hill. It was very tiring. We rode a bit more then we saw a very big bridge that has water underneath. Rc my brother took some pictures. Then we crossed the bridge. Justin was a bit scared so Justin ran across.
We finished our ride when we had gone fully around the basin.

I enjoyed riding my bike around the Panmure basin with my family!

✞✞The Holy Trinity✞✞