Friday, 28 February 2020

Mask Poem

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Blog Profile 2020!

Blog Profile 2020

Haijimemashite (Nice to meet you), my name is Anamaria, a year 8 student the age of 12, turning 13 this year. My little brother and I were born in New Zealand but my family, my parents and older brother originally came from the Philippines, so I am  a FIlipino/Kiwi. 
I am also the middle child of my family. I have a pet chicken. I don’t know if I can call it a pet but I always take care of her by feeding her everyday. So as you can see I am in a family of 6, including my pet. I currently live in Auckland, NZ where my school is, located, St Patrick’s School. I am in Rm 8, a year 7/8 class and our teacher is Ms. George. My aspiration is to use a variety of sophisticated words in my writing and actually have fun writing because I dislike writing. I also want to be in the next level of my learning for all subjects so that I can be ready for college. My hobbies are playing sports like soccer & volleyball and I practice in my backyard learning new techniques and moves. I also like to watch anime, I am currently binge watching “Classroom Of The Elite” ep. 5 and I have watched several anime and talked about them with my friends. I also play games like Mobile Legends and Fortnite with my friend Simon. Whenever we get home from school I play on my Nintendo Switch or phone and contact Simon if he wants to play with me. My favourite colour is black because it goes with every kind of colour and my favourite fast food is Mcdonald's. I also love puppies because I find them adorable and cute :D. My favourite anime currently is Haikyuu! which is a anime that involves a boy volleyball team who are fighting to be in the Nationals, it currently has 4 seasons and I am in the 4th season and is still airing. 

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Thursday, 27 February 2020


I was glad and thankful that I will have this unforgettable memory of my best friend Simon My memory brought me back when my mum, Justin, Simon and I celebrated Simon’s belated B-day.

As we walked into the inside pools, a strong scent of chlorine ran through my nose and mixed with the saltiness from the golden cooked fries we had bought at the food stall. Included  was a packaged ice cream that was still very chilly and the coldness went past from my hand to my arm, it was as cold as feeling the coldness from opening a freezer. I took some fries and chewed 2 at the same time and I felt the sogginess inside my mouth and the squishy & mushy texture isn't appetising me. As I ripped off the package from the ice cream, I took the first bite and an outburst of crunchiness was released from biting pieces of chocolate covering plain white ice cream flavoured with vanilla. Bite after bite the ice cream was starting to melt and I decided to finish the chocolate shell that was mixed with cookie pieces. As I started to feel the wooden popsicle stick, I swallowed up all the existing ice cream and put the rubbish in the bin quickly. I immediately went back to the pool and was thrilled touching the water flowing through the falls as every single one of it streamed the water in various ways. I raced to this overflowing waterfall where it flowed so hard it was almost like having a very fancy massage in a spa. I continuously swam under the water with the blue goggles that were clear as glass. Suddenly the water went through them and my vision suddenly went blurry. Later on Simon and Justin joined me and we all returned to swimming in the pool. I wouldn’t forget this memory and was glad that Simon turned 1 year older during that day.

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