Wednesday, 24 July 2019

The Sacred Place

We have a new place that has been constructed in the corner of the school called the sacred place.

The sacred space is where we can pray or reflect, there are also 3 stones that has symbols on them which represent St Patrick’s School and the congregation of the Mission sisters of Our Lady Of The Missions which had been founded by Adele Euphrasie Barbier.

The first stone symbolizes the Mission sisters who was founded by Adele Euphrasie Barbier in 1861, the mission sisters took over the school in 1904. The second stone symbolizes a koru, a spiral shape that symbolize new life, growth, strength and peace. The last stone symbolizes the school’s symbol that represent our faith,  the school symbolize fidelis which means “always faithful” .

This was presented by St Patrick’s school and the Our Lady Of The Missions congregation, it was also constructed by Sr Geraldine Donovan, a former student and teacher from St Patrick’s school.