Tuesday, 29 October 2019

👻👻 Join Us In Our Spooktacular Party! 👻👻

 - This is an example not a real invitation

Today during our writing we created an invitation including all the important details such as the date/ time of a celebration or event and where it will take place as we also had to make it visually appealing to be suitable for the audience. This is an example of a invitation for a Halloween party. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

What Makes A Loyal Family With Obedience And Empathy?

A good family shows aroha towards each other and builds up their relationship with trust and kindness to sustain their substantial relationships. 

Love is an important quality to show to your family. it helps a stable family’s relationships. Love is a strong feeling for a person, it’s live having an emotional attachment to someone for example,  sharing your belongings with your younger siblings or helping your mother do the dishes and more countless ways to show aroha. This is a huge segment that is necessary to show to be part of a good family. 

Forgiveness is also a required quality to show to your family as when they have problems that they caused for example, having problems with your other relatives such as your aunts and uncles. forgiveness and love are needed to create a non-breakable relationship.

Trust is another way to develop a family’s relationship.  it is really important to have faith in one another and to never lie. Let’s say you ate the whole bag of chips that your dad bought to eat for the next basketball game he’s going to watch and you don’t want to tell him because he might give you big growling. you should never keep secrets from your father, even if you're going to have a growling.  never lie to your family and always be honest. Along  with being honest is an additional virtue to be truthful in all aspects of life including to never hurt anyone through bad attitude, behaviour and activities. An honest person doesn’t get involved with things that are wrong.

Being kind to one another can stabilise the relationship with your family. Kindness is essential to show such as making people happy & Making someone’s day better. Kindness is defined as being friendly, generous and considerate but it requires being courageous and have strength. Kindness brings people together and improves the quality of lives in your workplace or the community. Showing kindness to others is just having an award of receiving it from someone else. 

Our families help find what we can truly be with these qualities. love as it’s a feeling of strong affection. Forgiveness being us to freely live ours lives. trustworthiness which make us believe that’s someone relying on you and kindness to being friendly and considerate towards other people. Showing these qualities to our families results in being part of a good family.