Thursday, 26 March 2020

Map Of Stalag Luft III - The Escape Route

They were left with the tunnel “harry.” it took around a year to complete. As there was six hundred men who worked building the tunnel, those who spoke or had a history of escape, including men who’d done a lot of the work would escape first. The others needed to take their chances and escape if they’re lucky enough. They planned to escape through a moonless night, striking their escape at 10:30 pm. Although 76 men escaped because of the delay, men missed the train and had to wait in daylight for the next one, some walked. Sadly the escape was a disaster and only 3 men made it back to England, the other 73 men were captured including johnny. All those who were captured were to be shot and they would be shot individually or in pairs. They don’t know what happened to Johnny, if he died alone or not. He was cremated and his ashes were buried in Sagan, a town near the camp. His family were told the truth.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Friday, 6 March 2020

5 Senses Paragraph - The Steam Station

As the room filled with people looking dispirited as if their souls were removed from their bodies. The b.o is so strong so much that I can't even bear it going through my nostrils. I hear various sounds, each sound keeps getting louder & louder. Coughing taken by the sick repeatedly. As the clock ticks, it ticks every second "tick tock tick tock" and as the musty smell turns my nose up as if I can't take it anymore. I feel the unspacious area and random legs on top of me. I feel uncomfortable and I feel the wooden planks when I lay down slowly, it gives me a pain in the neck and how uncomfortable I am just gets worse. The cold breeze from the cracked windows goes through the slim blankets that covers me and is trying so hard to keep me warm. Lamps that have been placed on top of crates lack brightness and I can't see well with my vision.