Tuesday, 28 June 2016

How do I show and act Tika , Pono and Aroha ?

L.I- W.A.L.T- show and act with Tika, Pono and Aroha.
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I showed and acted with tika, pono and aroha in different places.

How do I show and act with tika, pono and aroha?  

1. In the playground:
 I play fair with my friends , and share the equipments with them. I invite my friends in my game.

2. In the classroom:
I can obey the school rules by wearing my proper uniform and don't talk back to the teachers and listen to my teacher.

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3. At home:                                                          I help my mum do the dishes, fold up our clothes, clean up my room every day. I share my toys with my little brother and help my dad clean the car.

4. At church:                                                          I can show listening to the priest when he read the bible, I pray to God, I don't play at church and I don't do anything mean to others.

5. At the shops:                                                       I behave myself, I don't steal thing at the shops and I'll buy 1 thing in the shops.

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