Tuesday, 5 February 2019

🙏🙏 Euphrasie Barbier 🙏🙏

Ade'le Euphrasie Barbier was the founder of Our Lady Of The Missions or short for The Mission Sisters.

On the 4th of January 1829 in Caen, France, Euphrasie Barbier was born. At the age of 13, she worked in a Laundry and she opened her on laundry business when she was 17.

Of her hard work and honesty, she had a strong faith to Catholic religion. When she was a young adult she was inspired by a bishop preaching during his missions to be a foreign missionary.

In 1848, following her missionary dream, she entered a missionary organisation known as the Sisters Of Calvary which was located in Cuves. She was sent to go on a mission to London. This was her first missionary trip 

In the 1550's, she realised her dream to be a foreign missionary was not going to happen if she stayed in the Sisters Of Calvary.

As her passion was to be a foreign missionary, she left the Sisters of Calvary and came back to France with the possibility of working with the Marist Fathers in their mission in Oceania to continue her dream.

December 1861, she founded a new organisation called Institute de Notre Dame Des in Lyon. In late October 1864 foreign missionaries and all french people left France to New Zealand including Euphrasie Barbier.

It wasn't easy for Euphrasie, the organisation in New Zealand had a lot of difficulties so they allowed to build new foundations.

She went to expensive trips to communities she had built around the world such as France, England, The Pacific Islands, Asia and New Zealand.

To the wonderful life she had, she helped a lot of people mostly marginalised people before her death in 1893.

She was a very independent women with a humble heart.

To be like Euphrasie Barbier, be kind to everyone and be humble. Stand up for yourself and others to be independent and brave.

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